Teen's Martial Arts Classes Brisbane

Pacific International Taekwondo Classes for Teens

Teens Martial ArtsBrisbane: At Pacific International Taekwondo, we’re strong believers that martial arts offers excellent benefits for both boys and girls. Taekwondo classes for teens are designed to train youngsters in developing life-skills as well as self-defence techniques that they can use in threatening situations in the real world.

Flex It Out

Our fun and interactive teen classes begin at a white belt level where learners learn the basic of Taekwondo and build fitness, flexibility, core strength and balance. Throughout their advancement through the belt levels, teens will learn to deliver fast and impactful kicks, block and deliver punches and perform exciting jumping kicks while incorporating self-defence skills. That balance of fun with a practical purpose is what makes Taekwondo so enjoyable for all ages.


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Train With Dedicated Instructors

Our instructors are exceptional at what they do. Each comes from a Taekwondo background and is equipped with the knowledge and understanding to teach Taekwondo techniques to teenagers.

School can be stressful for many teens, so let them release stress, let off some steam and enjoy a good workout. Taekwondo for teens is a great way to increase their energy levels and help them to develop a better sense of self-confidence and build a better understanding of their personal strengths and weaknesses.

At Pacific International Taekwondo, we’re enthusiastic about helping our students gain the benefits of Taekwondo. We have developed our programs specifically for the needs of all our students, whatever level they’re at. Therefore, Taekwondo for teens at Pacific International Taekwondo is the best fit for any teenager

Taekwondo is an exciting and thrilling activity for those who seek to get physical, develop new skills and challenge themselves in a discipline. Each level teaches them new and advanced techniques that they can master, and they have the chance to advance belts four times a year. The quicker they learn, the faster they grow!