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Kids Traditional Taekwondo Classes

For Children Ages 7-12

Give your child the gift of Confidence plus...

  • Fitness
  • Defence
  • Social skills
  • Respect
  • Respect
  • Self-Esteem

See the positive impact Taekwondo
will make on your children

When your child attends Taekwondo classes at Pacific International Taekwondo, you will see them change in so many positive ways:

  • Self-defence – Traditional Taekwondo training includes learning workable, practical defence skills that enable kids to feel safer and stronger, and importantly, look less vulnerable.
  • Self-esteem – self-confidence will grow as they become more in tune with the program and get used to interacting with new friends.
  • Self-discipline – this is a natural part of martial arts and particularly the Art of Taekwondo. Belt ranks are earned so kids discover that by being focused on a goal they can control outcomes.
  • Socialising – because all kids in a class have the same interest i.e. Taekwondo, they will automatically have something to draw them together and talk about. This way they learn to communicate and make new friends.
  • Getting physical – Taekwondo provides a great way of keeping fit and healthy and keeping excess weight at bay. At the same time, kids learn how to defend themselves
  • Learning it’s OK to fail – students learn that it’s OK for progress to be one step forward and two back at times. They may sometimes fail but this should be the beginning of the way ahead.
  • Respect – all students are expected to be smart, attentive, respectful and well-mannered.
  • Teamwork – while Taekwondo is an individual activity students are united in a class, each training to their personal best in ways in which they can support each other.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Our kids classes are for the 7-12yr age group, kids close to 7yrs are welcome to have 2 trial classes

No, any loose shorts and T shirt are perfect. A uniform is included in the start- up offer

Yes you can start at anytime.

Yes they are on during school holidays.

No you don’t have to pay when you’re away on holidays. You can pause your membership when you know you’ll be away or when you’re unable to get to classes for a few weeks.

Because the way of teaching Taekwondo can vary from school to school and we want your son to be comfortable, we invite him to have 1 week free training to see how he likes our classes. If he wants to continue with us he’s assessed on his physical ability, rather than on the belt he’s wearing. In that way he’ll feel comfortable training with his peers and be able to move forward with new goals.



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