Follow 'The Way'

If you don’t follow the way to become a tradesperson you can’t become one, and if you don’t follow the way to become a martial artist you can’t become one – you’ll just end up as a puncher & kicker.
If you want to achieve anything you must follow the right path.You must do the things necessary to get you where you want to be.
Self- discipline is the prime factor in reaching success in any field. You want to be a Black Belt? Practice self discipline.
Most people consider self-discipline a chore, but in fact it’s your very best friend… If you master it, there’s almost nothing you can’t accomplish.
It’s not being able to jump and kick 8 feet in the air or to punch through boards and bricks or to spar twenty different black belts without a break that’s important.
It isn’t your ability to actually be able do all those things that’s important; it’s the constant trying to do it that counts. What’s important is the journey, not the destination.
Being presented with and wearing the black belt is a great feeling of accomplishment, but having the belt isn’t that important at all, what’s important is that…You have become the  strong person you needed to be to have that belt presented to you – that’s what’s important.
You had to use discipline to push yourself again and again so you became stronger, fitter, faster and more courageous. You had to do the things necessary to make you the person capable of earning your black belt.
Your friend, ‘discipline’, got you there.
Master Dicks

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