Changes In Taekwondo Good Or Bad?

Taekwondo began as a true fighting art. It was used in the military for offence and defence and was devastatingly effective.
It has evolved over the years and like all martial arts it has been adapted so just about anyone can take part.
It’s inclusion as an Olympic sport changed it even more.
The question is… has it changed for better or worse.
There are now well over seventy million people worldwide practicing some style of taekwondo and the health benefits of training are well documented. So, yes the changes have allowed more people to participate and gain health benefits.
The art of taekwondo is different to the immensely popular sport taekwondo.
Sport taekwondo is generally for younger people. Twenty six year olds are considered old for sport competition and the rules have again recently been changed that allows less power in techniques which allows for multiple kicks to be performed that are less powerful but visually more exciting.
The art is based on powerful defence survival techniques adapted for light or non contact practice
with a core of respect, courtesy and self control.
That doesn’t seem to have much relevance in the sports sector.
Our organisation doesn’t have trophies or medals but we do produce winners.

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