Training With Power

At Pacific International Taekwondo, we train our students to hit hard. We want you to practice unloading massive amounts of power into each technique. We also want that power to be automatic, burned so deeply into your muscle memory that you don’t have to think about it. Focus and precision needs be honed also, it’s […]

Hard Training Is The Only Way

  You don’t have to be a natural to benefit from martial art training. I know this from personal experience! My family and I started attending classes at Pacific International Taekwondo Dutton Park in 2011.  With the exception of my oldest son Thomas, the rest of us were new to Taekwondo.  It took me about […]

7 Steps To Developing Technique

  Anyone who begins any form of martial art, and in our case Taekwondo, wants to be good at it. We know there are multiple benefits to be gained from taekwondo training such as confidence, self-esteem, fitness, flexibility etc. but what about the feeling of satisfaction of learning new techniques and combinations and the exhilaration […]

What's All The Noise About?

The noise we’re talking about is the shout we use when we are practising taekwondo training. It’s not restricted only to taekwondo of course; many styles of martial arts incorporate the use the ‘shout’ as part of their training. The Korean term is ‘Ki-Hap’ it means to shout with spirit. What it actually does is […]

Tips On Taekwondo Free Sparring

Of all the different facets of training in taekwondo, for most students, free sparring is probably the most exciting. Testing yourself against an opponent is a quick way to learn about your faults and how to correct them; But only if you spar correctly. Taekwondo free sparring differs from Karate free sparring. In karate free […]

Combine Breathing Stretching and Meditation

Combine Breathing Stretching and Meditation. Stretching takes time. Meditation takes time. Your training takes time. We live in a fast paced world where people don’t have as much time as they used to. It’s easy to miss out on some aspects of training. So here is a method of practising breathing techniques, stretching and meditation […]

Top Tips for Learning Your Taekwondo Forms

One of the best things about taekwondo, but also one of the hardest, is remembering the different forms and then perfecting them through practice. If you are having a hard time in remembering your taekwondo patterns, then these are some tips that you can use to help you. 1. Practice One Part at a Time […]