You Never Fail Until You Stop Trying

You Never Fail Until You Stop Trying Everyone hopes they will be successful when they take their grading test for the next grade level. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case, there may be times when you don’t pass. It could be for many reasons, may be because nervousness made you forget your pattern or you […]

Get to Know Taekwondo

Try Taekwondo training in Brisbane with a free trial lesson of this exciting martial art. You’ll soon discover that Taekwondo lessons are a wonderful way to let off steam, exercise your whole body and to learn effective self-defence. We offer Taekwondo classes Brisbane wide, so you have the opportunity to try it for free at […]

The Seven Annoying Habits of a Martial Art Fanatic

The Seven Annoying Habits of  a Martial Art Fanatic. I know it may seem strange but after forty plus years training and teaching in martial arts I still can’t get my head around the fact that there are people out there who are oblivious to the martial arts fanaticism that takes up the majority of […]

We Are A Traditional Martial Art-But What Does That Actually Mean?

  There are many forms of martial arts, some relatively new, and others that have been practiced for decades. The longer established arts have often been passed down from teacher to student for several lifetimes. Student learns from teacher then student becomes teacher and passes on training knowledge to other students some of who again […]

Martial Arts – Enjoyable Training With Like Minded People

What do you really know about martial art training? You’ve probably watched movies and TV series that show the hero, single-handedly demolishing six bad guys without even raising a sweat or getting out of breath… let’s get real. Martial art training is great, ask anyone that’s ever achieved Black Belt and they’ll tell you that […]

The Lightbulb Moment

In taekwondo, some lightbulb moments are slightly more obvious (like realising you have to raise your knees to flying-sidekick over three people) and some less so (like throwing your hip correctly with inner forearm block). Nonetheless, these moments help to progress us through our training and foster a sense of achievability in our martial art […]

Follow 'The Way'

  If you don’t follow the way to become a tradesperson you can’t become one, and if you don’t follow the way to become a martial artist you can’t become one – you’ll just end up as a puncher & kicker. If you want to achieve anything you must follow the right path.You must do […]

Pushing Through Your Training

Anyone training in martial arts will at some time have to combat training boredom. Generally this happens predominately within the first six months of training. Repetition is essential at this level because the repetition is embedding the foundations for future learning and growth of power and focus. During this period the fundamental movements are being […]

The Difference Between Doing and Using

When you are practicing a technique or combination you need to learn to execute the technique correctly, that’s pretty obvious isn’t it? So in order to do that you need… a strong balanced stance, use the appropriate blocking or attacking tool, correct starting and finish point of the technique, know how to use the body’s […]

Teaching Kids for Kids: A Real Responsibility And A Joy

Taekwondo classes for children can be hard work for the instructors at Pacific International Taekwondo! Teaching Taekwondo to kids can be a tough job, but at the same time, it can be a real joy. It’s also a big responsibility. Kids trust us because we are in a position of authority, and we need to […]