There are lots of schools teaching martial arts. Some do it better than others… We do it Very Well

Pacific International Taekwondo is an organisation with a difference. Providing traditional Taekwondo classes for adults, teens and children, our focus is on small classes, enabling us to concentrate on each student individually.  

Our students

Our students range from children of 7 years upwards to adults well over 40+.  No matter your ability, age, fitness level or agility, we will show you how to develop your full potential, supporting you all the way.  You don’t have to be ‘sporty’ or someone that works out regularly – you need no special ability or talent. Even if you have not exercised in 20 years, we will show you how to become stronger physically, mentally and emotionally and regain control of your ability to be amazing.

Why choose us?

The school is run by Grandmaster Trevor Dicks (8th Dan) and his wife Margaret (5th Dan), assisted by a team of skilled instructors.

We don’t just teach martial arts; we are passionate about what we do.  For this reason, our students excel, once they realise that they can become the person they want to be.  It’s not all about speed, strength and high kicks or hard punches, and we make this clear from day one.  Our taekwondo classes improve fitness, boost confidence, reinvigorate your zest for life and show you how to develop exciting new skills.

What you will learn

Our accomplished teaching method, combined with small classes, will show you how to correctly execute powerful kicks, hand and foot combined movements and amazing leaps, all carried out in a controlled and stylish way.  You will be impressed as you begin to develop real skills of speed, flexibility, improved reflexes, balance and stamina, discovering the true strength of your mind and body; all in perfect harmony.

Taekwondo and you

When you join with us, you will find the exercise enjoyable, motivational and invigorating.  Whatever your age or ability, we will work with you to improve your co-ordination, balance, energy levels and muscle strength, as well as providing you with a discipline and confidence that will carry through to your everyday life.

Don’t every worry that you will feel uncomfortable or out of your depth; we are friendly, supportive and non-judgemental.  Our martial arts technique does not teach aggression but paves the way for a way of life that we all embrace, adopting principles of courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control and the unconquerable element of the spirit.

Join with us now in a professionally run, safe environment and move forward at your own pace, aided by our expert tuition and support.

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Call (07) 3889 9551 to get started with your free trial sessions at a range of locations. Let’s get fitter, faster, safer and stronger today.